The Theran Empire (ED1)

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Great Thera stands at the heart of a far-flung empire full of strange customs, awe-inspiring beauty and great intrigue. Travelers through these provinces must be wary of Thera's influence, but even greater dangers lie in the unfamiliar creatures and people native to these lands. Though Thera may lay claim to these vast countries, the Empire is not welcome in all of them. Some provinces benefit from the Theran presence; others seek to throw off the Theran yoke through violence, and still others maintain their independence by more subtle means.

* In Creana, magical, multicolored shifting sand constantly changes the shape of the province, killing the unwary traveler in a land where dragons dare not go.

* In Talea, a strange, unborn god rules the lawgivers, who compete among themselves for the favor of their Passion and the loyalty of the people.

* In Indrisa, fierce, multi-armed demons do the bidding of righteous Passions.

* In Marac, gleaming cities of brass symbolize the pride of a people that use the Horrors themselves in an ongoing war against Theran domination.

* In Vasgothia, remnants of a war between Passions and Horrors lie scattered throughout the deep forest, protected by a people constantly reborn in the image of their ancestors.

The Theran Empire is a sourcebook for the Earthdawn game system. This sourcebook offers players and gamemasters a look at the Theran Empire that exists beyond Barsaive's borders, including the Great city of Thera and the five primary provinces under the Empire's control. This book offers many new possibilities for Earthdawn gamemasters, providing a we alth of information with which to run adventures and campaigns in mysterious, far-away lands. In addition to fleshing out Theran society and introducing numerous potential story lines, The Theran Empire also presents four new player character races.

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