Demonworld Elf Army Book

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Demonworld Elf Army Book

"Twenty years of roaming lands that were once ours but have become strange and confusing. Twenty years of death and decay. We are tired of living as vagabonds and beggars. We long for our forest, or villas, and the peace that we took for granted for far too long."

It has been twenty years since the demons returned. The Elves of Iconessa have been wandering the lands of the humans and Dwarves without a home to call their own. Once proud and mighty, the Ilah Ri and Thanaril have been forcibly humbled, but not brought low just yet. They are slowly gathering their resources and devising a plan to take back the forest that was once theirs. It may take decades to drive out the filth of the demons, but they have many centuries of life to give to the cause.

Join the fight in Demonworld

Create an army to suit your tastes and pit your troops against the nefarious Isthak, the power-hungry Empire, the war-mongering Thain tribes, or the proud and isolated Dwarves.


Miniature battles in epic scale!

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