1879 RPG Personalities 07 Olga Vyshenko

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Dr. Olga Vyshenko vs. The State

You have had queen before, but you always worry about role of women. In England, you try to keep women from power with boundaries made of proper manners. You see how well this has worked in your military, nyet? In Russia, we are more direct about keeping women out of power, and this is being for one very simple reason. You do not know how someone will handle power until they achieve it. What we do know is that she will either fail terribly, one of those tragic stories we drink to, or she will succeed terrifyingly, and that will be another reason we drink. I am telling you story of Doctor Vyshenko and you are making up own mind why you drink. Order another bottle, there will be need of it.

Olga Feodorovna's father has stipend from college, can pay rent and buy bread that sets them apart a little. Olga grows up with her father's library for friends. She goes to St. Petersburg University as youngest to date female full time student. She gets some harassment from boys, but Russians are knowing power of unions long before Western culture starts to become civilized. She makes friends. Then her father is sent into exile. Olga no longer has academic connection to protect her or father able to pay tuition. She is denounced as radical. Olga and her female friends build a giant crossbow, throws bolts a meter long, on back of flatbed steam lorry. She sees newspaper reports of Prussian blitzschutzen, next truck has cannon that throws lightnik bolts. That puts police on her. She arrives at safe house in Yaroslavl to find woman waiting. She has offer. My patron wants to see wat you will build next.

Olga Feodorovna enters Nizhny Novgorod, Dr. Olga Vyshenko emerges. She presents paper in salon in Paris, goes to Berlin, to New York, to Madrid. She has well-funded research facility. She has become woman with power. She lives by own rules now. And while this experienced woman chases the luminiferous ether, we hope whatever she unleashes is pointed at Motherland's enemies.

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