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The battle for supremacy amongst the splinters of the great Terran Commonwealth has led to an arms race. The remnants of the Old Commonwealth have just unleashed the colossal Leviathan-class battleship against their enemies. With the ability to carry itself and four attached warships through a jump, an arsenal capable of leveling cities, and two fighter wings of 48 fighter craft each, the arrival of a Leviathan-class in any spells trouble for any of the Commonwealth’s enemies.

In response, the Commonwealth’s primary opponent, the Callistonian Empire hastily responded with the Hydra-class supercarrier loaded with three fighter wings and equipped with devastating missile barrages powerful enough to keep any would-be attackers at bay.

In Leviathan, captains must learn to carefully manage power, as warships never seem to have enough. Power is allocated over the course of gameplay and used to maneuver the ship, power weapons, and activate defenses. As ships take damage, their systems lose effectiveness, and their structural integrity degrades. Once the integrity is gone, so is the ship.

Captains are the ultimate authority on the ship but bear the weight of responsibility upon their shoulders. Not only must they maintain situational awareness, but position wisely, direct attack and defense, adjust power, prioritize repairs, and manage the crew’s morale.

Ships range in size from the nimble cutters and scouts to the massive Leviathan-class battleship and Hydra¬-class supercarrier. Fighter groups represent the positioning of squadrons and flights that are flying on bombing-runs and interceptors attempting to stop them. Ship models range in size from the smaller Javelin-class scout at three inches long up to the Leviathan¬-class at thirteen inches long.

The Leviathan Academy Set contains everything needed for two or more players to play a game of Leviathan. Rulebook, cards, counters, dice, and two ship models each from the Terran Commonwealth (Javelin scout and Spiculum destroyer) and Callistonian Empire (Dire Wolf cutter and Wild Host raider).

Contents include:

Leviathan Rulebook

2 hex grid mapsheets (roughly 24" x 36")

Captain's Card Deck (10 Terran Commonwealth Captains, 10 Callistonian Empire Captains, fighter squadron cards, plus firing and shield arc cards)

Token Sheet - 35 chipboard tokens for status effects and squadron markers

2x Reference Card - all the dice pool calculations and tables for play on one card

10x Terran Commonwealth d10 dice

10x Callistonian Empire d10 dice

40x Power allocation tokens

20x Captain's Reserve power allocation tokens

2x Dry Erase markers

1x Terran Commonwealth Javelin Scout model with stand and Ship Card

1x Terran Commonwealth Spiculum Destroyer model with stand and Ship Card

1x Callistonian Empire Dire Wolf Cutter model with stand and Ship Card

1x Callistonian Empire Wild Host Raider with stand and Ship Card

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