Demonworld Miniatures Isthak Army Book

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Demonworld Isthak Army Book

Demons run rampant over the country side of the Empire of Light. The Dwarves and Orcs are pushed back into their strongholds with survival the only thought in their minds. The Elves have been all but eliminated after the night that brought terror and death under the trees of their forest.

The situation could not be more perfect. Rhagai, the Half-Elf has many ambitious plans and the distraction of the demons has only allowed him to hasten his timeline. He has been gathering his forces in the frozen north of the Ice Wastes as he prepared to enact the next phase of his plan. The Beastmen and Ice Witches continue to raid vulnerable human settlements and take slaves, keeping the Empire on the defensive. The Isthak's necromancers raise rank upon rank of undead soldiers to throw at their enemies. There are always more bodies to fuel their rituals, and Rhagai prefers to inspire a proper amount of fear in his enemies. It keeps them where they belong; out of his way.

DEMONWORLD is a miniatures war game that pits the civilizations of the world of Garin against the armies of the cruel Isthak, and against each other. Within the pages of this book, you'll find all you need to gather an army of savage Beastmen, sadistic Ice Witches, and the unholy necromancers and warlocks that command the undead and the creatures of the Void. Become their general and show Garin what true power is.

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