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Welcome to 1879

The British Empire, suddenly finding itself with an interdimensional portal due to a Weird Science experiment gone awry, has discovered a new world, the Gruv, chock-full of resources and land to be exploited. In the process, though, they've run headlong into the Samsut, descendants of ancient Babylonias who've been living there for over three thousand years. Now the might of the Empire clashes with the weird science of the Samsut. The Saurids, a reptilian race native to the new world, contest with both empires to retain their ancestral lands. Who will control the Gruv?

Meanwhile, first in London and then around the world, magic has returned. In some cases, humans have changed, becoming elves, dwarves, snarks, and trolls. In others, mages, priests and shamans have gained awe-inspiring powers. Weird Scientists build unexplainable devices. Technological leaps forward have given us British microsteam engines, Confederate Giffard airships, and Prussian lightning guns, with new world-changing inventions appearing every day. Dodgers skulk in the shadows, doing what reputable firms need to be able to deny.

The British hold title to the Rabbit Hole and ists access to the Gruv, but other nations have brought pressure to bear, and will not be denied their chance at the riches of the new world. Intrigue! Exploration! Giant Insects! Battery-powered zombies! War in the New World and the threat of it in the Old! Where will all this end? That's for you to decide!

From its start as the first exploratory outpost after the opening of the Rabbit Hole, to its current role as the military and industrial center of the British in the new world, Fort Alice is arguably the Empire's most important locale. While the portal itself may be the gateway between Earth and the Gruv, Fort Alice is the door that encases it, and anything or anyone passing from one world to the other must go through it. The 1879 Fort Alice Sourcebook covers details on the fort itself, as well as other aspects of the British Empire's resources in the Gruv. From railroads to airships, settlements to strongholds, civilian colonization and military conquest, all are addressed within. The time line of events affecting the Gruv and areas within have been advanced, and new developments in the war against the Samsut have come about. Special note has been made of the Saurids in and around the fort, as well as of the Zulu forces and the unique abilities and resources their alliance with the Empire bring to bear. New Professions, equipment, and spells are detailed within to expand the mechanical offerings along with the new thematic material. A whole new world of possibilities awaits for you to explore in your game!

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